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How To Create A Podcast

Why Should You Create A Podcast?

Look I know the whole thought of putting yourself out there can be super intimidating. And, Creating a podcast can also be overwhelming! Trying to figure out what software does what, what equipment do you need to create it, and most of all WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO SAY? But, if you can get focused on WHY you need to do it, all the other stuff just becomes background noise and you will find the drive, patience, and determination to figure it all out.

What are the business reasons to create a podcast?

So, how will creating a podcast benefit your business? The main way a podcast can benefit your business is through the simple fact of something called discoverability. It is still one of the truest forms of media that you can put out and have people from all over the world find your podcast by searching for something like it. And, this is different than your website because where most of the search for businesses on the web are done on a local level now, people don’t generally optimize their podcasts for local searches.

This ties into my next point, but the market is still not saturated at all! I mean the number of people putting out podcasts is on the rise, but nowhere near the same number as there are websites. So, you can still get out there and have people be able to find your show.

The next thing a podcast does by nature is it allows people to get to know you. They can hear your voice and personality through your episodes. So, it makes you more relatable and makes you more real to the listener. And, when someone finds you relatable they get more comfortable with you and will be more likely to do business with you.

  • Discoverability
  • Low Saturation
  • Relatability

About My Podcast Journey..

Since I started my podcast, Power Of Being Positive, I have had several people ask me how I do it, what equipment I use, my recording and editing flow, and what services I use & costs, my flow. So, here is a full list. If you have questions or want help, please let me know! I’m no whiz, and I’m still figuring out a lot, but it is a ton of fun! HAPPY PODCASTING!

If you want to listen to the show, please feel free to LISTEN HERE.

Here is the flow on how I record and post my podcast. I have been asked by lots of people lately about this and how I do it all. I am glad that so many people are hopping on this train and getting excited about sharing their thoughts. Plus, this an excellent way to build your brand! There is a whole extra article I am going to write next about planning and scheduling.

I am sure there may be an easier way, but this is how I do it.

Basic Equipment Needed To Start A Podcast

OK, So let’s start off with the equipment I use. I have tried a couple of different things and this is the base of what I feel works best.

-Headphones – Audio-Technica ATH-M20X

-Microphone-Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

-InterfaceFocusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools First, Red, 2i2 – 2 Mic Pre

-Mic Boom Stand- Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand 

-Mic Cord: male to female mic cord
*The Interface comes with a usb cord that allows you to plug it into your computer.

What Programs Do You Use To Create A Podcast? And, what order do you use them in?

This is probably the one thing that overwhelmed me the most when I was trying to start my podcast. Where do you begin, and what programs do you use, and MOST OF ALL what order do you use them for??

Below is the recording and posting flow I use to bring my podcast to life. I use a few different programs that help with cleaning up the audio and such automatically so I do not have to do it myself, except for editing out the uh’s or umm’s of course.

1) I use Zencastr to record the call since most people are not in the same room as me. Zencastr does all the cleanup work post call for you such as audio levels and all that. So, you do not have to worry about that on your own.

2) download the mp3 from zencastr to your desktop

3) I take the MP3 audio file from my desktop and IMPORT it into Audacity to edit out umm’s, uh’s or stupid talking points. I also add the intro and outro to the audio file. ( got the intro done on Fiver for $75) Once that is done, you have to EXPORT to file back to your desktop.

4) You have to have a podcast hosting platform. I use Libsyn. I upload the full file from my desktop to the libsyn.

5) Once you upload the file, put in the description, add the cover art, all of that and “publish” the episode you will be provided with a show RSS feed URL. 

6) you have to create iTunes, google play music, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc accounts on those websites to submit your RSS feed into. You only do this once. once you do this every time you add a new episode to the system it automatically adds it to those locations. 

Software Programs Used To Create A Podcast & Costs

 Zencastr– call recording software ($20/m)

Audacity– audio editing software (free)

Libsyn– podcast hosting service ( start at $5 per month, the higher plans give you more access to stats and storage)

Fiver– podcast intro & outro: $75, and a show logo $40

What Are Some Keys To Podcasting Success?

How do you make sure your podcasting is a success and you get the benefits from the hard work and money you put into it?

1)The main thing is to find a way to stay consistent with posting episodes. So, you need to try to create a loose schedule. Think of 2 or 3 topics you want to talk about. The first episode needs to be something you can branch off of. My first episode was 12 ways to stay positive. I knew that I could very easily branch off and do an episode on each one fo the twelve topics if I needed to. So, make episode 1 a cornerstone episode.

2) Don’t be overly critical of how you sound or the “quality” of the flow of each episode. The important thing is to get the info out of your head and onto the audio file. So, create a bullet point list of talking points and go from there. Plus, each one you do the better it will get and easier it will get for you. My first episode was rough, now I’m much more comfortable talking to myself in a room all alone with no one around.. lol

3) Speak from the heart. I’m not talking about overly passionate or anything, just in a caring fashion. People can tell if you care about the topic you are talking about or if you aren’t that pumped about it and you are just churning out stuff.

4) Last but not least, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT DOWNLOAD NUMBERS EARLY!! The crazy thing about podcasts is that with each episode you release the numbers of downloads will go up exponentially. Remember the discoverability thing I talked about earlier? Well, each time you post an episode someone new will find that new episode and then if they like it will go back to your station and listen to another episode or 2 or 3. As to where early on, if you only have one episode then you will only get listened to that one time.

I hope this all helps you understand the benefits of creating a podcast for your business, how to create it and the equipment needed. But, most of all how to stay in it over the long haul. If you’ve read this far then you are most of the way there. So, go get to recording and when you do PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME!!! Or, if you need help launching a podcast for your business let me know!

I think this is it. Let me know if you have any questions.   Have an awesome rest of your day!